Pastor J Djan.


Biblical History of the Original Sin.

The Original Sin came from the Fall.


When God created Adam and Eve and put them in the garden , He gave them commandment that if they eat of the tree of knowledge they will die, Gen.2:17. They disobeyed God and ate the fruit of the tree . They did not die a physical death immediately but afterwards; however they died spiritually immediately. This spiritual death means separation from God. It put the soul in darkness with the inclination of the will to sin. 

What is Original Sin?

 Original sin is an essential Christian Doctrine of Christian .   The Christian Orthodoxy states that :   Original sin is the tendency to sin .  It is the condition received by all the descendants of Adam after the Fall.  The Original sin does not refer to the first sin of Adam and Eve but it refers to the condition that befell them and hence all the human race after the Fall. The free will was not destroyed but it impaired the ability to make godly choices and it estranged man from God. It separated man from God, meaning spiritual death.  Man was created in the image of God. This means we reflect the holiness or moral integrity of God; but the Original Sin impaired our reflection of the holiness of God.Rom. 5:15, 3:10-12,  Jer. 17:9, Gen. 6:5, 8:21. Ps.51:5 

Q. How does the sin of one man affect the rest of Humanity?

A. Because Adam is the Federal Head of all Humanity and his decisions affect the entire human race.

 B. Adam is the root of the Family tree of all humanity.  The entire human generations come from his loins . From him spring forth the soul and the body of his offspring for God did not and does not create a new soul at each pregnancy. This concept is called Traducianism. 

The soul of the offspring inherits some of the characteristics of the parents. The tendency to sin which was the defect that occurred to Adam as the evidence of his spiritual death, is inherited by his offspring. That is why every person is born with the tendency to sin. That is why no one is perfect.
TRADUCIANISM-  Traducianism is the theory that the soul of the child proceeds from  or springs  from the parents together with the body .The word comes from the Latin tradux.


There are three theories held by the Church Fathers  of the origin of the soul.
1. The creationist view :  ( The term creationist here must not be confused with the creationist view of the origin of the world) This creationist view of the origin of the soul is that God creates a new soul at every pregnancy.  The problem with this view is that if God creates a new soul at each pregnancy then that soul could not be contaminated with the tendency to sin hence there would be no original sin of those born. If no original sin, then there would not be the need of the new birth for salvation; but this is against scripture ( Jn. 3:3-7) , moreover the scripture says all have sinned (Rom. 3:10-12, 23, 5:12, Ps.51:5)

2. The Preexistence view:  This view holds the theory that the soul is preexisting somewhere and comes to join the pregnancy at sometime.The problem with this view is that before the soul joins the body, the body is not human and can be aborted. This leaves room for the wishful thinker to project the joining of the soul with the body at anytime he or she wants. This is the reason why some will agree that the 9 month old is a human being but as you reduce the months they begin to waver. Scripture says "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee"...Jer1:5.Another problem with this view is that one can argue with that to say Jesus was also a soul preexistent just like all humans therefore all humans are either  eternal with Jesus making Him no God or if the preexistent soul were created earlier then so was Jesus created earlier.

3.The Traducianist view:    The traducianist view says that the soul comes from the loins of the parents;  Gen.46:26, Heb.7:9-10.  This view explains is why every soul also contaminated with the original sin.  It explains why children inherit the characteristics of their parents physically, intellectually, and morally.  Readers must remember that Jesus was conceived of the Holy Ghost and cannot be claimed as tainted with the original sin.This view is the correct view because it is consistent with scripture. 

Q. Does not the Bible say that each shall pay for his or her own sins?  Ezk. 20:18.

A.  Each person shall pay for his own sins but the tendency to sin is a taint upon the human soul. This caused man to be estranged from God, Rom.8:7-8. A.  In order to understand why Adam's sin affected all humanity, ask yourself : "did the curse of Adam and Eve affect all humanity? The answer is yes.